Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News, Notes, & GameDay

-- Offensive Coordinator Rich Olson was named one of the top coordinators of the week by The Devils' convincing offensive performance against Stanford put up 472 total yards, including 345 through the air.

-- ASU LB Gerald Munns was named the Pac-10 defensive player of the week for his performance against Stanford.

-- Rumors of ESPN GameDay coming to town for the ASU-Georgia game have been swirling. According to various sources, if they were to select Tempe for the weekly show, the set would be located on the SRC's Intramural fields. Last time the GameDay crew came (USC in 2005) they set up in Lot 59N, and had a good view of the stadium and the buttes from the Northeast. My suggestion for location would be the steps of Old Main, it's a little more scenic than the SRC fields.

-- Four of the ballots for the AP Poll had ASU ranked #8 in the country. The Devils' lowest ranking was 25th in one ballot. In unrelated news, that voter got voted as the bad voter of the week. The Devils' average ranking was 14.5 and their median ranking in the 65 ballots was 14.

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Darrel R said...

Once again I believe I am the only person reading this. But its great! I vote we find out who the "Bad Voter of the Week" was and make him "Bad Voter of the Year"... Probably one of the guys who said that UA should be ranked after beating IDAHO AND TOLEDO... Way to go Wildcats, just might make a bowl after all...