Thursday, August 28, 2008

Devil Dome

According to eyewitness reports from House of Heat tailgate correspondents, the ASU practice bubble has been struck by lightning and in the resulting 80mph winds has been blown all across Tempe.

On campus trees have fallen on cars and in the roads and along with power lines are down all across campus.

The campus saw 1.5 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes as two storm cells hit suddenly. Another two cells are on their way in what is the storm of the year at least, possibly the decade, as lightning has filled the sky constantly for 3+ hours and 75+ mph winds have caused chaos throughout Tempe.

According to a Phoenix fire captain, "Tempe got hit the hardest. Tempe looks like a war zone right now."

More news when it becomes available and an ASU Athletic Department representative is on site to comment.

**12:24 AM**

According to our reporter on site, the Dome has been shredded to pieces. "It looks like a marshmallow that was put in the microwave. It's beyond believable." He says that there are trees uprooted and thrown about and there is at least one car that has been crushed by a tree. Streets are still flooded around campus, as Tempe (especially the ASU area) got the brunt of the storm.

ASU Assistant AD Mark Brand has stated that no one was injured when the bubble deflated and was damaged.

More information will be posted as soon as we get it.

**Morning Update**

This is a video taken by a student on campus during last night's storm. Winds were clocked at over 100 mph in the ASU/Tempe area to go with hail, 15 lightning strikes a minute, and torrential rain.

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Darrel said...

People are DUMB! Let's play in the huge puddle in the middle of one of the biggest LIGHTNING storms in recent history! ASU! Win or lose they still booze!